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2023 Items

This section is dedicated to the latest news, notes, and important information of the activities held within the PNFPG as well as the Fjord community that have additional information not listed on our Calendar of Events page.  Please be sure to check out the drop down links to our calendar and meeting minutes for additional items of importance.  If you have items worth noting and would like to share with our members, please contact the Editor at: or fill out the "Contact Us" form on the "About Us" page.

Schooling Dressage Show - Roy, WA

June 3, 2023

This event will be put on by Summervale Premier Dressage (western WA).  There will either be specific fjord-only classes or fjords can enter any class and the PNFPG will provide a special award to the highest dressage score from a PNFPG member.  It is up to the organizer how this will come about but will most likely be that latter option. In April we will have a flier for this.   We hope to have a special tent set up for PNFPG members to socialize and a BBQ.  Signup for this event will open 6 weeks prior so there will be much more info available before then.  Just mark the date.  Info flyer HERE!

Play Weekend - Gaming Competitions - Stevensville, MT

July 14-16, 2023

Hosted at Dick Renfro’s farm.  Camping available onsite for campers or tents (no hotels nearby).  Arrive on Friday and play, trail ride/drive or just relax.  Saturday there will be competition games in the arena such as pole bending, barrel racing, obstacles, trail classes.  He also has lots of places to ride and drive in the area with possibly a group ride/drive Sunday morning.  It will be a fun weekend for everyone with lots to do to make the trip worthwhile. Saturday night Dick will be cooking up some roasts and provide supper via Dutch oven cooking.  I expect you can participate with your own Dutch oven dish too-check with Dick.  THERE IS NO COST TO YOU FOR THIS EVENT.  We only require that your PNFPG membership be current for insurance purposes so go to our website and update your membership now.  Dick will need to know how many are interested and how many will commit to going so he can plan. PLEASE TEXT HIM ASAP WITH YOUR INTENTIONS AT 406-550-3261. (he is old school and notoriously poor at responding to emails or answering calls if he doesn’t know the number but he will contact you when he gets your text.) This event will go on no matter how few or how many participants we get so don’t miss out.

Olivia Farm - Clayton, WA

August - TBD

No specific date or activity planned, but Solveig has offered up her place (Eastern WA) for an event with overnight camping and stabling possible.  Will post more information as we get it.  This will be open to PNFPG members.

Naples, ID

September - TBD

No specific date or activity planned, but Shirley Anderson has offered up her place for an activity and is in the process of planning.  She is in Naples, ID which is just a little further north than the Bonner County Fairgrounds.  This will be open to PNFPG members.

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