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About Us

In October 1986, five families gathered together to meet and discuss Fjord horse topics and promotions.  This meeting was first held at the Armstrong Hotel in Armstrong, BC.


Thirty years later, the PNFPG continues to grow in membership and participation in events throughout the US and Canada.


Our mission statement is simple:


  • The PNFPG is organized as a non-profit, non-political, international organization. This group's purpose is to promote interest, ownership, and safe use of quality Norwegian Fjord Horses.


  • To promote safely the versatility of the Norwegian Fjord Horse by members' participation in parades, horse shows, fairs, expositions and special functions wherever possible (driving, pulling, riding, halter, etc.), to advertise the varied uses and positive traits for which the Norwegian Fjord Horse is known.


We encourage you to take a look at our website, our group information, and consider becoming a member today.  You'll find our members are just as welcoming and diverse as the wonderful Fjords we love.  If you're not a Fjord owner, find out how you can get started learning more about the breed, meeting Fjords in person, and achieving the dream of ownership.  We're confident there is no better, more versatile, loving breed than the Norwegian Fjord horse!

PNFPG Happenings

The PNFPG strives to represent itself and its activities in a variety of events.  Some of the functions our club is active in are breed expos, parades, demonstrations (including draft work), therapy use, clinics, and various large and small events across the US and Canada.  Our members and their horses are talented in a multitude of disciplines from driving to jumping to dressage and trail.  


The PNFPG is host to the International Fjord Horse Show, which as of 2016, celebrates its 29th year.  This is an annual and historic event for our club, specifically Fjord-only. Participants can be from across the US and Canada, however all must be PNFPG members.  This is truly the event for the club in which we can gather together in friendly competition to showcase everything our Fjords can do.  From log pull to reining to dressage and driving, the International Fjord Horse show offers something for every Fjord owner.  Please check our calendar for the latest information about this show as well as other activities the PNFPG is active in annually.

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