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PNFPG Awards

The Versatile Horse Award - This award is meant to show the versatility of Fjord Horses.  The winner of VHA has to be the high point winner of four, mandatory,  classes, which would be:


  1. English Pleasure

  2. Western Pleasure

  3. Single Pleasure Driving

  4. Single Horse Log Skid (or Pull)


One, additional class may be required by the show committee.  Participants would have the option of choosing from a list of several allowable classes for this fifth class.

The VHA is awarded on the skill of the horse so more than one rider/driver is allowable.  If a horse is to be entered into the competition, it must be declared while signing in at the beginning of the show.  No post entries are allowed.


High Point Horse and Rider/Driver Award – This award is based on the accumulated number of points for one rider/driver, using one horse.  You do not have to declare intention or otherwise sign up for this award.  As a rule, both a high point junior handler and a high point senior handler will be awarded as well as reserve in both age groups.

Ribbon Point Values are as follows:


First: 10 points

Second: 6 points

Third: 4 points

Fourth: 2 points

Fifth: 1 point


Kelsi Cook Family Fjord Horse Award – This is a perpetual award given in memory of
Kelsi Cook who was a lovely young horseman who actively promoted Norwegian Fjords
at open and breed shows and as a member of Mounted Horse Search and Rescue. 

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is the ultimate family horse.  It is common for different
family members to use their Fjord(s) in many and overlapping disciplines.  For the sake
of this award, the word “family” is rather loosely defined.  It is not required that the
“family” be related by blood, household or any other usual family definition.  What is
required is that the horse must be shown in several different disciplines, by several
people, of varying ages and skill levels.  The points are awarded as follows:


One point will be awarded for each different family member who participates with the
competing horse, regardless of placing.


One point will be awarded for each family member who rides/drives in the same
division (i.e., English, singles pleasure driving, etc.), regardless of placing.


Any placings in the classes entered will have points awarded by the above Ribbon
Point Value.


The Family Fjord Award winner(s) will have their names engraved on a plaque and
have possession for one year of the Henning Fjord Horse carving (pictured right).

The Kelsi Cook Family Fjord Horse Award
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