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PNFPG Club Officers

Officer positions within the PNFPG are open to current members in good standing only.  Officers must have at least one year of membership experience with the club and have an active interest in representing the club in its purpose entirely.  For information on how you can serve as an officer within the PNFPG board, please contact our current Chairman directly for information.  Terms are limited and expire at designated timeframes.  

Club Bylaws can be FOUND HERE.


Current Board of Officers:



  • Chairman - Sherrie Dayton
    28281 N. Ramsey Rd.
    Athol, ID 83801
    (208) 755-3329

  • Vice Chairman - Shirley Anderson
    1655 Highland Flats Road
    Naples, ID 83847
    (208) 267-3068

  • Secretary - Linda Stevenson
    1237 E. Teton Rd.
    Athol, ID 83801
    (208) 659-3127


  • Treasurer - Maria Meister
    779 Miller Island Rd.
    Klamath Falls, OR 97603


  • Promotions - Open/TBD

  • Newsletter Editor - Bonnie Morris
    29502 112th Ave. SE
    Auburn, WA 98902
    (253) 939-5660


  • Webmaster - Gretchen Payne



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